Shimadzu HPV 1

Up to 1 Mio frames / second

High-Speed Video Camera HyperVision HPV-1

The Shimadzu HPV-1 High Speed camera offers up to one million frames per second
with a 100 frames memory.

It maintains excellent 312 x 260-pixel resolution at all recording speeds
to permit detailed analysis of high-speed phenomena.

Dedicated software in the control unit allows recording to start immediately
after performing a few simple settings. Recorded images can be saved in general
image formats such as AVI or BMP.

Basic specifications:
- Resolution 312 (horizontal) x 260 (vertical) pixels
- Frame storage 100 frames
- Lens mount Nikon F mount
- Color, gradations Monochrome, 10 bits
- Recording speed 30 fps to 1,000,000 fps
- External trigger input TTL (positive/negative), switch closure
- Trigger mode Set trigger point at any desired frame
- Recording format 10-bit dedicated format, BMP, TIFF, AVI

The following videos where created in combination with our RTTS 1.03 and Flashlight 3000

Single camera configuration

7mm hollow point bullet hits a target at 603 m/s
Framerate: 500.000 fps, f22, Triggersystem RTTS 1.03

Shot string in free flight at 342 m/s
Framerate: 250.000 fps, f16, Triggersystem RTTS 1.03


Dual camera configuration

Dual camera configuration samples, Triggersstem RTTS 1.03

7mm hunting bullet hits a target at 595 m/s
Recorded with 2 HPV-1 cameras with different angles and framerates
Cam 1: Framerate: 1.000.000 fps, f22
Cam 2: Framerate: 500.000 fps, f22


3D Video (Analglyph). 3D Glasses required ! (red/green or red/cyan)
Buckshot bullets hitting a gelatine block
Recorded with 2 HPV-1 cameras for 3D applications
Cam 1: Framerate: 250.000 fps, f22
Cam 2: Framerate: 250.000 fps, f22


For multi-view applications: post production required
Post Production:




Shimadzu HPV 1

Photron SA-1

Flashlight 3000